MS and being chronically ill

I have got a form of Multiple Sclerosis called Primary Progressiv Multiple Sclerosis.This site will be about subjects concerning living with MS or other chronic illnesses; not just about all symptoms, all struggles and the misery. No, it will also be about how to cope with the situations, information for you with the illness or for you as a close one.

My intention is to share both my struggles and my strategies to get some quality of life and some of my largest strategies is creating with my hands,Yoga, mindfulness and meditation.


Yoga mindfulness and meditation

I am an instructor in Medicinal Yoga for children and youths and I am taking an ‘add-on course’ about teens with anxiety and depression – how yoga, mindfulness and meditation can prevent teens from getting anxiety and/or depression. As a mother of two teens I see the need for tools to be able to manage these issues which are increasing in our society. 

My plan is to put my biggest focus on children, youths and grown ups with physical impediments. As a part time wheelchair-driver I will make yoga, m mindfulness and meditation classes from that perspective. Right now I am working on a course for young children in wheelchair, so if you know a child in wheelchair – keep your eyes open for this class.


Again, welcome! I hope you will find something being helpful for you! If you have any questions or any requests of topics – feel free to contact me. Information is down below.