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A Nurses Advices concerning COVID -19


Proven methods

Please! Don’t stop reading when you see my advice to you! As you might have understood if you read my earlier posts, I’m not very fond of  ”Abracadabra medicines”. Medicines or strange advices, strange exercises that alternative practicians  or conservative practicians try to trick you into. When you try to stay healthy, get rid of an illness or alleviate your from suffering you might be easily fooled. 

I want there to be a foundation to the advices I give to you and not give that kind of advices that only have a placebo-effect. I want to clarify that I don’t contend placebo-effect is something reprehensible! But todays topic will be viewed from a nurses perspective. In Sweden the health care personnel are beholden to work according to proven methods and medicines. There have to be studies that prove that method/medicine works.

Despite that fact I’m gonna stretch that rule a little – I don’t have studies that proves that what I’m gonna claim today is a good method to keep after Covid -19. I base my claims on my experiences as nurse, on what we were taught about physiology and psychology in nursing classes and on what doctors and further educations have taught me.

Chanting challenges Covid -19

Aren't chanting humbug?

Yes, you may think so. But it’s just like singing a song. (At least that’s what I’ve decided to not feel completely ridiculous when I do that…) The big difference between the chanting and singing is that you repeat a few words over and over again, the melody is repeating over and over again and the melody is often oriental/indian. So why don’t I sing a song instead of chanting these really strange words? Well, chanting is more about vibrations.

A not entirely serious but serious nurse speaks up

I’m going to talk about the aspects of Chanting that I, as a nurse, can buy in to. I will also tell you why I think it could be a fun and Covid -19 fighting alternative. No matter if you’re gotten the virus and need to help your lungs hanging in there thru the illness or if you need to make your lungs their best in case you get the virus. Chanting as a physiotherapy or as a preventive therapy. 

And you. This is a post from someone who refuses having or being bored just because a virus is going berserk in this world.

I just want to add; I do have symtoms from my lungs because of my PPMS. So I have some idea of how it feels when you think there’s enough air in the room. I cross my fingers that I don’t get infected of that horrible Mr Covid -19. Yes, I’m so convinced that it’s a ‘he’. A woman wouldn’t treat the world like this. *I’m blinking with one eye*


If you’ve had a serious lung infection or if you have a lung disease that causes a lot of mucus you might have been pounded on the back of a physiotherapist. This to make the mucous loosen in your airways so it will be easier to cough it up. 

The words you chant creates vibrations in your body so it becomes kind of a pounding treatment from the inside. Here I could start to talk about the different meaning of all those different chants, but that is not what I’m gonna talk about. It can mean whatever it likes to, we just care about the vibrations. Different chants starts vibrations in different parts of your body. I will recommend the ones I believe vibrates in the right places in the end of this post.

Another win from Chanting: you’ll get a massage of the inside of your body!Who doesn’t love massage? 😉

The most important aspect - Ventilation

If you have some sort of lung condition you probably know how important it is breathing the right way, filling your whole lungs with air. Or at least fill them as much as you can. This to prevent your body for lacking of oxygen which amongst other things can make you dizzy or make your brainfunction slow.

And beside these examples, you all probably knows that you won’t survive without oxygen.


The strong and mighty Covid -19

Covid -19 is giving you infection in the airways. This means that your body won’t get the whole amount of the oxygen it needs. When someone has e.g. pneumonia or if they’re just not able to be active the physiotherapist gives you breathing exercises to make sure you keep your lungs going.

A good compliment to these exercises could be chanting. And yes, if you hate this kind of meditation – singing a song (rap, country, Rock, Pop, indie what ever works for you) would be an alternative.


Add Your Heading Text Here

Obstacles against Chanting (singing)

I know that when your having a chronic lung disease or a contemporary condition in your lungs, singing isn’t easy. It may feel like you don’t ge enough of air and can cause coughing. But you don’t need to sing out loud. Just whisper the words if it works for you. Or you can just say the words inside your head.

Have a glass of water next to you while Chanting (/singing) in case of a fit of coughing. Whisper the words or just say them out loud on the inside. Everything is allowed. And the tricks can be used if you choose to sing a song instead of Chanting too. Remember that it doesn’t hurt to try Chanting a couple of times. And it’s for free. I LOVE free stuff. (Since my PPMS- prevents me from work)

Of cause the aspect of feeling ridiculous when you Chant. My kids laugh at me and they tell me that I’m embarrassing. I’ve learned to care less about others thoughts. Though I can admit that I still don’t do it infront of my husband and I make sure no neighbors are around if I do it outside. But I’m working on ‘be brave’…


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