I am a mom of one girl and one boy, both teens. My husband, our kids and our dog live in a house in a southern Sweden. I am a nurse, specialized in onchology, working in a medical daycare ward, specialized in Haemathology. Due to my PPMS, one variation of MS I’m not able to work anymore (since 2020). What I do, when I try to let my mind relax are scrapbooking, knitting, crouchet, writing (kind of a non-consequent diary), reading or making other stuff with my hands.

Right now I have just registrated a business. My wish is to teach and practice with others yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I became an instructor in medical yoga and mindfulness for children and youths and much of that knowledge can be used for adults too. I am devouring literature that students who are studying to become instructors for grown ups yoga, meditation and mindfulness are reading. These are the reasons for my blog is rather quiet right now since I’m working on a course for those who are in a wheelchair and wants to learn and practice yoga.

Since my energylevels are LOW very little happens e.g. many projects running at the same time but really slow.

This blog is another project, which I will explain in the future. It is mainly about me trying to find how to manage my chronic disease and its symptoms and puzzling that with being a mom, wife, relative and nurse.

I ask you to think of that. My symtoms can be similar to yours, but it is not sertain that my ways of handling them are working for you. You might have PPMS like me but that does not mean that what is recommended for me is recommended for you. I this blog I will share MINE experiences and what the healthcare has recommended me. I will also say what I think, but remember; what I think is not what I think that you should think. My thoughts are my thoughts or maybe what someone else think in, for example, a study or a book. What I most want you to remember is; we are all individuals; we are unique and our bodys reacts in different ways. And, not to forget; follow your doctors or physiotherapists or nurses advises. You may use my words when talking to a doctor but like “hey. I read what a swede with PPMS said, and she said… What do you think of that”. If that, what ever it may be, then says that you would have no use of that advice/opinion/what ever; listen to that person. He/she/it probably knows YOUR body best.

I hope all with chronic disease may have some use of by blog, or at least; I can be someone to have a dialog with. I am a nurse of a reason; I have this strong longing of all people feeling ok despite illnesses, physical or mental. And I hope that some of mine strategies will help you or my words will make you think “I feel that” and I hope that we can have some form of dialog. And I hope you will join me on my travels in the yoga, meditation and mindfulness world since I know these subjects have helped me thru my disease!

No rude or mean comments are allowed! You may have an opinion but it is not allowed to express them in a way that may hurt another.

If you have read all the way down to here, THANK YOU!!! I hope to see you all in the future!

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