Having fatigue and a lot of to-dos isn’t a good combination when you’re supposed to take care of yourself

Since Wednesday (today is Monday) I’ve been writing on a post that I really want to post. But  my fatigue is more than troublesome and the must to to-dos have been followed of new acute to-dos.

My favourite way of coping – enjoying sun in good company

just wanted to say…   This is one of those days when I feel that everything I will try to do will end up in a disaster. So I take it as easy as possible. Luckily for me the sun is shining and my little corner was warm. Coffee, me and our dog enjoyed the […]

So tired of fatigue, pain and always hurting myself

Fatigued-Too tired to even go and getting a glass of water I have been home from work since I got my antibodytreatment February 20. First it was because I always get a week after treatment where I am even more tired, the Fatigue is so enlarged, compared to before treatment. But this time I got virus infection […]

Well this is it

Throughing myself in to this. Again. But in this case a little bit more seriously. Last time, 2015, I did it because I did not feel well at all, but no doctor was taking me seriously. I tried all different ways to manage my situation, amongst them; starting a blog. A blog of creative shit. […]