Jag ÄR här. Jag ÄR nu.

31 mars 2020 Jag tog tillvara på ett ögonblick. Ett ögonblick som aldrig hade upppkommit ifall inte Covid -19 intagit vårt jordklot. Min son har haft huvudvärk sen igår. Jag vet att han inte äter det ha behöver; inte till frukost och sällan maten i skolan. Och dessutom ger han sig inte den sömn han […]

Falling into the positivity-trap

It’s funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue, yet no one wants to hear the truth. heartfeltquotes.blogspot.com Falling into the Positivity Trap I really fell into the ‘always be positive trap’! I started this blog to help others thru their chronic illnesses by charing information and advices of how to manage all those side effects […]

Coping Strategy when down / depressed pt 6 – Using a Planner

If you’ve ever felt down or depressed for a longer time you know what it does to your brain. Your ability to remember things to do, meetings, children activity and at what time your spouse has his or hers workout and so on. Even remembering that you need to do the laundry and what sort […]

Attending a Course When Having a Chronic Illness/Disease

You might have had a chronic illness/disease since you were small or you might have gotten it recently and attending school or a course can be difficult. The difficulties can originate from the illness/disease itself or they are due to your symptoms of the illness/disease. Should these difficulties decide whether or not you are able to go to […]

Best advice ever how to fully live your life, pt 2

My Coping Strategies when down/depressed pt 5 This weeks coping strategy is ‘humor’. And smiles My humor can be dark. I can be sarcastic and I can make really really REALLY bad jokes. Or I listen in the person I have in front of me, what make that person smile and try to use that, […]


Areas of your life Today is about how to fully live your life and being the best version of you. Getting control of my life by doing research is a coping strategy for me.Every month you put your entire salary into these savings and you will fight to get a higher salary. Mr Boss must […]

Coping strategy when down/depressed pt 5 – finding a new community

I guess I’m all into Problem Focused Coping Strategies (that’s not quite true…). I don’t know if you’ve felt that my strategies are problem focused if you’ve read my earlier posts? This is part 5 in my serie about MY coping strategies when down/depressed. You can read part one here. The Coping Strategy I’m gonna […]

Positive changes – I’m turning my coping strategy ‘yoga’ into my job

YES! There I dropped my bomb ! I’m so excited about this! And scared. Sanna is taking me on a journey to become a instructor in child-and youth yoga and I’m finally looking into a future where I’m able to do what I love; do something for others and I will work. And it will […]

Coping strategy when down/depressed pt 4: Listen to podcasts

Are you having a rough time? Is the world and the whole universe laughing and pointing fingers at you? Are you depressed or just feeling a little low? In this serie about coping strategies I’m sharing my tool case of coping strategies. Hopefully you’ll find a strategy to ease your day at least to some […]

Coping strategy when down/depressed pt 3: Doodles

Don’t feel like doing anything? I’m in that state several times a week. Somedays I’m in that state for whole the day. When nothing seems fun, and I can’t stand hearing any noice, like music/tv/pods, I take a pen and either an empty paper or my bullet journal or my diary and let the pen move […]