Coping Strategy when depressed or feeling down pt 2

I can say that I’m in a period where I bounce between all the strategies I’ve got.  Last week I started what hopefully becomes a serie where I write about my coping strategies that I use when I am feeling down or depressed. Or at least I am trying to feel better with the help […]

Coping Strategy when depressed or feeling down pt1

Feeling down is something you can do no matter having an illness or not. But if you do have an illness/disease (please, teach me which of these two words that is correct) the risk is higher for days, or moments, when you feel shitty. Or getting a depression. There are so many factors that can […]

Coping strategies; hocus pocus-medicines

Well, that is what many people call alternative medicines. Just say the word “alternative medicines” in a room full of doctors and nurses and you would get very strange looks from most of them. And I would be one of them. But maybe the alternative medicines can offer good coping strategies. somethimes we reach after […]

Economic disaster? – when you’re not able to work

No one choses to get an illness; you don’t chose getting diseases in your lungs, in your kidneys, in your heart or elsewhere in your body. No one choses to get cancer, a stroke and I most definitively not chose to get PPMS! Above getting a life changing disease you may also be faced with the […]

Trying to find our way – how do you cope after a suicide attempt?

I haven’t written so much about these last two weeks cause I really don’t know how much I can write about “our situation” without anyones feelings getting hurt. Afraid that it’s gonna lead to embarrassment for my close ones if “it gets out”. This needs also to be considered before I write about “the situation”. […]

The psychological effect on you and your family – is “the road to hell”?

Can’t help having Chris Rea singing repeatingly his “this is the road to hell” in my head. I do hope that the road leads to a hot place, since I’m addicted to the warmth, but I would prefer a beach and not hell… Psychological illness due to the diseases affect on you and/or your family […]

When life gives you lemons – make lemonade. Yeah, right…

Cheerful quotes how do you feel about them? Well I feel that sometimes I just want to shove them into the mouth that wrote them and say “I hope you choke of them”. Like this quote above: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I will tell you that one of my lemons are bad […]

Becoming a victim of the harsh reality – and struggling to not become the victim

I will be honest with you. This past month/months have been really difficult for me. And that is how it goes when having a chronic disease which is not stabil. So I’ve been having some kind of crises and several days everything has been like gigantic big holes hard to climb out of. This is […]

Wings for Life world Run – well, I could have needed the wings

On Thursday I went to the coffee date our neurology group has every second Thursday. It ended up we me participating on their team for Wings for Life World Run yesterday and me finding out my limits. When it comes to distance I’m able to walk.

Having fatigue and a lot of to-dos isn’t a good combination when you’re supposed to take care of yourself

Since Wednesday (today is Monday) I’ve been writing on a post that I really want to post. But  my fatigue is more than troublesome and the must to to-dos have been followed of new acute to-dos.