Attending a Course When Having a Chronic Illness/Disease

You might have had a chronic illness/disease since you were small or you might have gotten it recently and attending school or a course can be difficult. The difficulties can originate from the illness/disease itself or they are due to your symptoms of the illness/disease. Should these difficulties decide whether or not you are able to go to school/take a course or not?! My opinion is that my damn PPMS with it symptoms have affected me enough to also prevent me to take a course or not.  They have already made decisions what I can do or don’t so this time I thought “Somehow I’m gonna fix this course”. Continue reading “Attending a Course When Having a Chronic Illness/Disease”

No Regrets the Day That I Die: making the right choices

When I die I do not want to have any regrets because of the choices I made. I have always thought that prio one is work as much as possible. Felt that when I am not able to work I have less worth than a rat. And no, we are not going to ask any foxes what a rat would be worth to them. I have always been obedient and answered “I prioritize my kids” when all sorts of therapists asked me that. But inside I have felt that I have to be responsible and show up at work and have therefor chosen to prioritized work. Getting enough energy so I can show up at work. Wrong choice I say…

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