How to be a MS-know-it-all: an overview of symptoms and symptoms of the symptoms

I have thought and written. Written, taught and thrown away. Over and over again. Now I finally finished some kind of satisfying result. It is an attempt to make it easier for you to understand the complexity of the symptoms but at the same time show you that if you treat one of them, you will treat several of your other symptoms. You will become a MS-know-it-all after reading it.

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PPMS/RRMS/SPMS symptom – Fatigue


Always, always being Fatigued

I can not understand how I ever gonna be energetic again. My Fatigue just gets worse and worse. To get rid of the Fatigue as much as possible I need to listen, but just partly, to my body. I am gonna tell you all that I know and what advices I have been given concerning this symptom. Every advice will not be good for everyone because we are individuals. What works for me is not necessary helping for you. Managing Fatigue is much a trial and error to see what can be helpful for you. Continue reading “PPMS/RRMS/SPMS symptom – Fatigue”

Fatigue – what it is and what are the symptoms

Fatigue is haunting me

This is the worst symptom of them all, according to me. Always, ALWAYS being tired in some degree. It makes me unsocial, it makes it hard for me to help my kids with teenage crises (and you know how many and big they are) and their homework, it makes me a terrible spouse, it causes a lot more for my husband to do in our home, it makes it difficult for me to work and so on and so on.  Because having fatigue is not just being tired.

It takes away my brains ability to work in any way. Trying to have a conversation is almost impossible. It takes away my body functions. I stumble Beacause Mr balance decides to leave me and I drop things because I can’t fully control my hands and fingers.  And I start to slur and I forget about things and thinking is like trying to find your way on a really foggy day. How can I cope with this symptom that takes away so much of my joy of living? Continue reading “Fatigue – what it is and what are the symptoms”


I am in that phase now. That phase where it is impossible to slow down. Yet I have been thaught that it is crusial for my body to slow down. Relax. Rest. If not, I risk to make my symptoms worse. But this time it is too late for me. I have already let it go too far. I am all stressed out, not about something life changing. Not about my disease. Not about the financial status in the world or in our family. No, I am stressed  since I feel I need to do so much right now in our home and over the fact that I should rest cause I always have a week of being finito after I have gotten my antibody treatment but now I should be ready for work again. But I am not.

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