Coping strategies; hocus pocus-medicines

Well, that is what many people call alternative medicines. Just say the word “alternative medicines” in a room full of doctors and nurses and you would get very strange looks from most of them. And I would be one of them. But maybe the alternative medicines can offer good coping strategies.

somethimes we reach after every method or medicine there is to give us answers and/or relief as a cooing strategy.  No matter who offers it, why they offers it and no matter wether or not the method is proven to actually help. Is a positive effect of that method just a placebo-effect? And if you get a positive effect, isn’t It ok to use that method wether the positive effect proven in studies or not? Shorly said; our coping strategy is to seek for relief and/or cure and/or answers by ourselves.

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Becoming a victim of the harsh reality – and struggling to not become the victim

I will be honest with you. This past month/months have been really difficult for me. And that is how it goes when having a chronic disease which is not stabil. So I’ve been having some kind of crises and several days everything has been like gigantic big holes hard to climb out of. This is a very common exprience for many people but when you’re down in these wholes that doesn’t matter to you. You feel that it’s impossible to move on, to get out of that hole. And I’ve been so ready to give up. But I guess I’ve kept on fighting. I’m still here as you can see.

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Symptom management having PPMS/RRMS/SPMS – exercise/workout

How to manage your PPMS/RRMS/SPMS symptoms

I cannot help it, but I can not stop thinking of the Madagascar movie when I think of my task for not getting worse. But I have read several articles about MS and treatments and it is actually true. You can prevent your PPMS/RRMS/SPMS from getting worse by doing an activity that increases your pulse. Increasing your pulse is the same thing as your bodys blood flow is getting higher which is good since the blood  flow transports oxygen and nutritions to your brain. Continue reading “Symptom management having PPMS/RRMS/SPMS – exercise/workout”