How to recharge. That’s my question

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How to exclude trolls – or not

How to exclude trolls from your blog I don’t dare to approve comments Just need to say! You, who have written me a comment that you really mean; I’m so grateful. Reading through the comments I notice that several of the comments are a repeat of another with just two words changed or the nice […]

How to manage you failing to reach your 2020 goals?

Or is it really a failure? Isn’t it just you learning about yourself and your ability to adapt to new circumstances? All of you probably wonder ‘ what the *biiip* happened this year? You had plans and thoughts for this new decade, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your workouts etc, etc. How did you […]

Falling into the positivity-trap

It’s funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue, yet no one wants to hear the truth. Falling into the Positivity Trap I really fell into the ‘always be positive trap’! I started this blog to help others thru their chronic illnesses by charing information and advices of how to manage all those side effects […]

All you need to know about coping strategies and where you find them

My intention with this post is to tell you about what a copingstrategy is. And why  they excist. Where can you find them? In the supermarket? Did you know that we are born with some of these strategies? If we don´t have problems with our nervous system we will draw back our hand if burn it. Our coping […]

How to be a MS-know-it-all: an overview of symptoms and symptoms of the symptoms

I have thought and written. Written, taught and thrown away. Over and over again. Now I finally finished some kind of satisfying result. It is an attempt to make it easier for you to understand the complexity of the symptoms but at the same time show you that if you treat one of them, you […]

PPMS/RRMS/SPMS symptom – Fatigue

  Always, always being Fatigued I can not understand how I ever gonna be energetic again. My Fatigue just gets worse and worse. To get rid of the Fatigue as much as possible I need to listen, but just partly, to my body. I am gonna tell you all that I know and what advices […]