Cope By Create

How I'm changing my life and blog to cope with my 'new life'

My explanation to you

Feeling not so great

I’ve blead a lot, actually the whole of April except for a couple of days. So my energy level is almost completely drain. And of cause – it makes the symptoms from my PPMS worsen. So most of my times I’ve spent in my bed, not doing much when it comes to householdchores. 

During all this shittyness I’ve now become a yoga instructor for children and teens. Yey, for me. 

Taking my webb to a new level

So now I intend to change up my website, adding Yoga, meditation, mindfulness for kids and those who have some sort of impediments that makes it difficult for them to perform these ‘activities’ the ‘normal’ way.

I intend to have yogaposes and videos how you can perform these ‘activities’ in a chair or a wheelchair. Or performing them on a yogamat with the help from different aids. Since my most likely clients are living in Sweden my videos are in Swedish right now, and honestly; I’ve only made one video with actual training. The other 2 or 3 where me practicing infront of a camera telling those who might see them about my plans.

If you would like me to do some videos in English feel free to contact me!

If you understand Swedish your welcome And if you don't - you're welcome anyway