Cope By Create

How to recharge. That's my question

Fina Johansson

Very short status.

Got on with my course planning for my course in Yoga for children in wheelchair or those needing to do yoga on a chair. But my body, the physical functions and my cognitive functions has just gotten worse and worse in a faster and faster paste.

I can hardly walk now. I’ve gotten more and more use of my wheelchair. And that’s how the rest of my functions are too.


Always always always too tired for anything. So now hardly anything gets done. And since my energy levels have been and are so low I always need to prioritize and this blog aren’t high up on that list. Even my family feels that I’m absent. Maybe because I always turn in for the night at 6 pm…


But I do need to tell you about the coolest thing I probably ever have done. This July I skydived! Because I need to start doing those things I still can do of all those things I want to do. There are already so many things I won’t be able to do, that I wanted to…


I hope that I’ll be able to post again and write about all those things I wanted to write of.


Skydiving 2021