Cope By Create

When one of your loved ones gets ill.

Because of the wind combined with a little chilly temperatur I wasn’t able to take my walk with Wille until it turned dark. There were so much for him to sniff at and the children’s laughter from the hill where they were sledding there where many noises for him to ponder of.

When we came home my MS-body were stiff, but not as stiff as it would have been if I had taken that when the wind blew. At our step up to the door Wille had went one lap around my legs so I had to put down the leash to yank my feet out of the mess. So from that I didn’t have my eyes on his, I just focused on the leash and getting my up that stare and letting us in. When inside I sat down on our “bench” and I took that knitted reflex vest off of Wille. When I’d done that I saw his right eye…

It was blinking and it squinted. I looked into it; I’ve work as a nurse so somethings I can do. 😉 It wasn’t more red than the other and there were no filth or goo in it. So I made a call to the veterinarian on call. 


There were so much for him to sniff at when we got to the clinic. He ate his food after our walk and he played with the kids after I made the call to him, so at least it wasn’t entirely bad with him. But still; eyes are important stuff! His eyes were thoroughly examined and the conclusion was that he had a inflammation in his eye. Not in the tissue around his eyes in the eye socket but IN his eye. He got a shot of medicin against his inflammation and pain that it causes. After that we went home (my  husband drove me because at that time I’m usually in bed because of I’m really tired by then). The doctor said that if the medicine hadn’t worked by today and his eye still were like that we had to contact them today. So it was a anxious me who gave him the 2 different sorts of eyedrops last night before going to bed.

Because of the light from the window you can’t see it, but his eye is much much better today. As long as he hasn’t got light around him his eye is open. We’ll need to continue with his medication as prescribed and on Friday we have an appointment for a revisiting at the veterinarian clinic. And me and my family will be anxious until the time we’ll know that his sight is normal again. At least that is what we really hope for. Give me the COVID – just promise me our little Wille will have a healed eye.