Cope By Create


Me enjoying life

I’ve had the most wonderful days Wednesday-Sunday past week! I can’t remember when I last could enjoy so many days in a row with almost none sadness in mind.

My family was supposed to leave Sweden for a vacation in Greece last week, but something about a virus called Covid -19  (have you heard of it? I surly haven’t…) happened to the world. So just a couple of weeks ago my husband found a cottage for rent on a camping site in Haverdal, situated at the western coast of Sweden.  And being there I realized that I wouldn’t have change that trip against the trip to Greece. The reason for that might be the hot and sunny weather we were lucky to have. And I can tell you that the nights felt just like a night at a hotel in Greece – sweaty…

Of course there were the usual feelings of sadness for not being able to stay up in the evenings playing Yatzy and cards with the hubby and kids, for not being able to take the strolls as I normally do on the dunes, for not having the body strength in the evening to play adventure golf with the family and so on. But actually, that sadness was almost non. The feelings of letting my family done was almost down to zero


The power of mindfulness

Lots of mindfulness practices

That is what I’ve done, many hours (when I add them together). I’ve really tried hard to get my yoga and meditation done everyday, and yes, there are days I’ve gotten none of them done. But I’ve also allowed my to just pause every now and then to see all there are to se around me, whether I’m indoors or outdoors. Sniff up all the senses. To listen to the sounds around me. To feel what my body feels like right then. Or feel the wind against my arms. 

My breathing is something I return to several times a day. To get my breathing all the way down in my belly. It helps my stressed out brain to slow down and it’s helpful against my pain. And of cause – it gives oxygen to my brain. 

And I really try to listen to my body, what can I do without getting a pissed off body that does anything it can to make my day miserable. This is why I’ve not finished my web course about doing yoga in a wheelchair. I’m struggling with it but I’m getting better when it comes to accept the fact that my body, not my brain, decides what I can or can’t to.  But being mindful about my body and its limitation helps me understand myself better.


Harvesting of my training

This trip we took I really managed to be ‘mindful’ using mindfulness. I enjoyed the sounds – there were so many birds!!! Not many seagulls, but birds with wonderful vocalizations. Children laughing, the thunder (no rain), the wind in the trees, splashing in the ocean and so on and so on.

I could feel all the scents from the sea, foods, flowers, grass and also some not so nice scents…

The sun warming my skin, the wind making the warmth tolerable, my hair tickling my nose (not so comfortable), the soft and warm sand, the too hot pavement, the sand that had made its way on to my bedsheets…

I felt the taste of the sweet ice-cream, the taste of newly brewed coffee, the taste of the most delicious pizza I’ve probably ever eaten.

And my inside felt joy! Joy about being my kids enjoying their days. Joy when they played with our dog on the beach. (Yes, dogs were allowed where we were.) Joy when seeing our dog realizing that he loves to dig in the sand. The joy I felt when I stayed up longer than usual to watch the rest of my family playing adventure golf while I had our oh so wonderful dog on my lap. 


Short about social distancing

Yes, it worked out just fine. Everybody kept the distance on the camping ground and the restaurants we ate. I never went into the store since I’m in the group of “high risk people” when it comes to getting it. Unfortunately my throat have been sore since yesterday so the packages I ordered haven’t been picked up yet.(papers for my office and a cordless vacuumcleaner (to make it easier for my to vacuum our house. I always get in to a fight with the one we have since either the cord or the   box that holds the dust bag, ALWAYS get stuck on something.) 

Ok. Just had to pause and breath for a minute. I get angry just talking about vacuum cleaners…


Please, let me share my experiences with you

The course I’m making is in Swedish. But if there’s an interest of yoga in a wheelchair in English, please reach out! 

I have plans of making courses or events, like Facebooklive or youtube live, about yoga for children and youths, for beginners. I want to share and hold courses in meditation and mindfulness, what I as a chronic ill/former trained nurse/closeone to person with cancer person has found use of it.

I so want to be useful for others. Analyzing that statement: am I doing it for feeling good about myself or genuinely wants to help others? This is something I’ve asked myself over and over again. I decided that the reason is to feel good about myself I have to stop having my blog, stop trying to make a course and just focus on my life as a wife, mother and friend (and all the other things I am). 

I truly want to be helpful because I know (and you know that I know if you’ve read earlier posts) that yoga, mindfulness, meditation and getting a normality to your not so normal life are cam be good for you. 


Peace out!