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Positive changes – I’m turning my coping strategy ‘yoga’ into my job

YES! There I dropped my bomb ! I’m so excited about this! And scared. Sanna is taking me on a journey to become a instructor in child-and youth yoga and I’m finally looking into a future where I’m able to do what I love; do something for others and I will work. And it will be a job where I’m able to decide my working days. It doesn’t matter that I can only work for 1-2 hours maybe once a week, I will still be employed. Employed  by me.

The power of Yoga

Oh, no! I’m not the one who goes all in on the yoga – living right -eating right – being peaceful inside-person. And yes, this was something very stereotypic and judgmental description of someone who do yoga. Nowadays almost everybody is doing yoga or have at least tried doing yoga. And they eat whatever they want.

Why on earth yoga???

Yoga is for me a coping strategy, as I’ve probably said many times before. A strategy for me to get in contact with my bodys problems right then. It makes me understand “today my back is stiffer than usual – need to focus on practices to ease my stiffness in my back. I will also need to avoid riding the car, since that increases my backpain.” For example.


Many years ago, like in the dark ages…  I couldn’t work my full percentage for the first time because of my PPMS-symptoms  and I was looking for a workout that I could do at home. A friend of mine had a DVD with Pilates which I tried and I continued doing sporadicly during some month. Sure, I felt good after finishing every workout, but during them I felt dizzy and my strange leg (I didn’t know I had PPMS back then) gave me problems so I stopped doing Pilates.

I did like that kind of workout;

  1. I got sweaty and my puls increased
  2. It was a workout for my flexability
  3. My muscles got to work
  4. I could do it at home

PT weight lifting and Crosstrainer

Periodically I’ve taking different classes, like spinning and step up and kept on doing that for some months and then… Can’t remember when it was, but I think 2015, I felt that I really needed to do something because I felt that something was going totally wrong in my body. I got myself a PT and got areas to focus on and other tips’ and trix’s. It was before I knew I had PPMS… But I started to work out regularly and since I’d realized that I wouldn’t be able to run I used the Crosstrainer.

And then I got diagnosed…

When I’d been diagnosed I got to see the physiotherapists and after about 6 month I was admitted to the rehab-clinic where I got to workout with workouts that was chosen after my abilities and disabilities and considering my PPMS. The workout was similar to the practices I’d gotten from my PT, but a little different since you must have different considerations in mine when working out as PPMS-person. You can read more about working out when having PPMS in this post from a while ago.

My workout habits right now

After 4 years with a correct diagnose and some decreased body functions later, I’ve learned what kind of workout practices I need to feel ok. If I follow them I lower the risk of really bad pain and the chance of having A less numbing fatigue increases. Making a routine to get them done is a must. Yoga has been, is, an important part of these routines. It makes my joints softer, my breathing is deeper and I can adapt the yogaposes after what I can or can’t do that actual day. What I can or can’t do changes during the days too. If you’ve got a neurological diagnosis you know what I’m saying 😉 Meditation has also become something I really need to do. To prevent and/or calm down when anxiety strikes.


I don’t see meditation as something ‘dopey’ or a way to get in contact with some spirits, it’s a way to focus on my breathing and tell myself that the fucked-up (sorry, there’s no better word) feelings I might feel that moment are nothing more than thoughts. What I just said – remember that. The thoughts, thoughts that are fucked- up or not, they are just thoughts. They’re not the truth. After my suicideattempt in August, this is something I’ve really have’d to focus on. Because I am a specialist in telling myself that I suck, that I’m not enough, the world would be better off without me and so on. But they are thoughts. My thoughts. My beliefs of my self. Hopefully, someone else have different thoughts about me, so my thoughts are not always the truth.

If you recognize the thoughts I just mentioned and if you think “I so know what you mean, girl” – your thoughts are just thoughts. You really need to see a specialist to help you understand that. Don’t try to fight those thoughts alone! Please, be brave and ask for help. From a friend, relative, specialist. There’s no shame in feeling your life is really really boring and/or hard. We can all reach that point depending on what we are susceptible for or what situations/problems we are put before. I’m seeing a specialist trying to get my thoughts under control. Meditation is a good tool in that fight – fighting with my demons.

Meditation short list of facts

To end the Meditation-part of this post, here’s some information for you to decide whether you want to try it or not.

Meditation isn’t tied to a religious belief system!!!

Meditation is good for your heart and blood circulation. Calming down your breath and getting deeper breaths slows down your puls and gives your blood more oxygen. Oxygen is important for your whole body; for your ability to think straight to your muscles to function well.

Scientifically proven positive effect of Yoga

I’ve read studies about yoga and meditation that have proven them to have positive effect. The studies are of various degree of reliability but mosts of them shows that yoga and meditation have positive effect on anxiety, depression and flexibility.The effect on anxiety and depression comes from the calmness focused breathing have. This because of the breathings stimulation of our parasympathetic nervous system.

The parasympathetic system and yoga

The parasympathetic system is activated when we rest and when it is activated our level of stress hormone decreases which slows down or heartbeats and the blood pressure decreases. Our bodies produces more and sends out Oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel good and which. Oxytocin also decreases our level of pain. It is when we enter this state of rest that our bodies starts to digest the food and starts to heal itself. How about getting out of your constipation by simply doing some yoga or meditation? 😉

I know. I should point out some of these studies  so you could see it for yourself, but I’m saving that for another day. If you know how to find quality studies, Randomized Controlled studies, you can look there to find them. Yes, I’m being lazy right now…

Yoga for Children, youths, and both categories with addition of a lower level of function

There are studies, have been for some years, that shows that children, youths without or with lower level of function (sometimes; rather ‘to high function’), e.g. having ADHD can be helped by doing yoga and meditation. With the society we have today I can really understand the use of it. The kids would have to slow down and try to focus on their breathing. And when they succeed the parasymphatic nervous system will do the rest. Not quit so easy but with some practice.

For younger children there are yoga fairytales that I know many children in Sweden have loved doing and they’ve seen positive effects in kindergartens (or what the correct word is). The kids been able to slow down and focus on what they’re doing. And again – we need our parasympathetic nervous system to be activated every now and then during the day. Constantly going with our stress hormones flowing have a bad effect on our hearts. The kids today sometimes have that hormone flowing thru their bodies all day. We’ll need more heart surgeons in the future.

My fight for making heart surgeons without a job by Yoga

Or more correctly, my fight for healthier members of our society. As a nurse you ought to work with prevention. In my career I’ve worked with that too but not as much as healing and easing symptoms. And treatments. Now, I will get to work more with prevention since it’s an instructor for children and youths I will become. And of cause, there will be healing and easing symptoms involved too, but it depends on the group of age I’m working with.

I am so looking forward to it! Love kids! All ages has their charm. And that Sanna will be my tutor is the most likely reason of my taking this turn. She has inspired me and coached me in taking this decision! Thank you Sanna!!!

Yoga as Coping strategy is a problem focused strategy

My situation is that I probably don’t have a job to go back to. Some part of me understands that my employer – the Region who is payed thru our tax money – can’t create a employment adapted to me. It would cost them to much money. But at the same time a part of me is crying why are you throwing away my competence when my kind of competence is something you’re looking for new nurses that has competence?!

But I’m trying to focus on the thought ‘it’s their loss’. And that way of thinking is a ‘emotion focused coping strategy’. Now, back to the problem – I’ve got no job and I need to work even if it’s just 2 hours per week.

What am I able to do?

This sentence is a sentence that has caused many pages being filled with words and notes. I have tried several of my ideas to see if they are realistic or not. Many of them ended up in the ‘not category’. But I actually ended up with an idea that I was working towards when I decided for becoming an instructor for child- and youth- yoga.

The realistic me knows that it will probably take time before I find someone who wants my service. Schools, healthcare, daycare, homes for older people and similar places are struggling with baaaaaad economy here in Sweden. So I know it can be a difficult task for me, finding someone who wants my service.

The fact that I recently stumbled over a pod called Yoga to cope Yoga to cope was the last thing universe needed to say for me deciding to take Sannas education in becoming an instructor.

This leads to changes in this blog

oh, yes! You will sometime this first half of 2020 see Swedish words. I need to make a page that I can refer people to. People that is looking for yoga them selfs. Maybe I can offer classes or come to peoples homes to instruct just them. If a child has adhd or something similar they might feel more secure at home not risking ‘being a fool’ if it’s just that child/youth and maybe a parent.

I’m planning to make a page with the title ‘yoga’ and if you go in there you won’t understand a word because it will be in Swedish and it will be about my services. I have many plans for what people can find on that page but it’s still under construction. On paper.

And now…

There are so many open doors for me right now And I’m very aware of the fact that many of those doors will be slammed in my face. But I’ve chosen a problem focused strategy and decided that I will keep any problems that turns up far away from me having to use emotion focused strategies as possible.

Do you have any experience of yoga for children and/or youths? What are your thought about yoga and meditation? Are you practicing any of it? Let’s share experiences!

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