Coping strategy when down/depressed pt 3: Doodles

Don’t feel like doing anything? I’m in that state several times a week. Somedays I’m in that state for whole the day. When nothing seems fun, and I can’t stand hearing any noice, like music/tv/pods, I take a pen and either an empty paper or my bullet journal or my diary and let the pen move […]

Coping Strategy when depressed or feeling down pt 2

I can say that I’m in a period where I bounce between all the strategies I’ve got.  Last week I started what hopefully becomes a serie where I write about my coping strategies that I use when I am feeling down or depressed. Or at least I am trying to feel better with the help […]

Accept the facts, PPMS/MS/SMPS/PRMS is here – you’re gonna be sick FOREVER

You’ve got PPMS! Just deal with it! Yeah… but deal with what? When you got the diagnosis you might have heard about MS, Multiple Sclerosis, before but did you know what having MS means? What happens in your body? Maybe you were diagnosed with PPMS and did you know what that is? I know I […]