How to manage you failing to reach your 2020 goals?

Or is it really a failure? Isn’t it just you learning about yourself and your ability to adapt to new circumstances? All of you probably wonder ‘ what the *biiip* happened this year? You had plans and thoughts for this new decade, your family, your friends, your hobbies, your workouts etc, etc. How did you […]

How I’m changing my life and webpage to cope with my ‘new life’

How I’m changing my life and blog to cope with my ‘new life’ Facebook-f Youtube Instagram My explanation to you Feeling not so great I’ve blead a lot, actually the whole of April except for a couple of days. So my energy level is almost completely drain. And of cause – it makes the symptoms […]

Falling into the positivity-trap

It’s funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue, yet no one wants to hear the truth. Falling into the Positivity Trap I really fell into the ‘always be positive trap’! I started this blog to help others thru their chronic illnesses by charing information and advices of how to manage all those side effects […]

Coping Strategy when down / depressed pt 6 – Using a Planner

If you’ve ever felt down or depressed for a longer time you know what it does to your brain. Your ability to remember things to do, meetings, children activity and at what time your spouse has his or hers workout and so on. Even remembering that you need to do the laundry and what sort […]

Coping strategy when down/depressed pt 5 – finding a new community

I guess I’m all into Problem Focused Coping Strategies (that’s not quite true…). I don’t know if you’ve felt that my strategies are problem focused if you’ve read my earlier posts? This is part 5 in my serie about MY coping strategies when down/depressed. You can read part one here. The Coping Strategy I’m gonna […]

Positive changes – I’m turning my coping strategy ‘yoga’ into my job

YES! There I dropped my bomb ! I’m so excited about this! And scared. Sanna is taking me on a journey to become a instructor in child-and youth yoga and I’m finally looking into a future where I’m able to do what I love; do something for others and I will work. And it will […]

Economic disaster? – when you’re not able to work

No one choses to get an illness; you don’t chose getting diseases in your lungs, in your kidneys, in your heart or elsewhere in your body. No one choses to get cancer, a stroke and I most definitively not chose to get PPMS! Above getting a life changing disease you may also be faced with the […]

Trying to find our way – how do you cope after a suicide attempt?

I haven’t written so much about these last two weeks cause I really don’t know how much I can write about “our situation” without anyones feelings getting hurt. Afraid that it’s gonna lead to embarrassment for my close ones if “it gets out”. This needs also to be considered before I write about “the situation”. […]

Wings for Life world Run – well, I could have needed the wings

On Thursday I went to the coffee date our neurology group has every second Thursday. It ended up we me participating on their team for Wings for Life World Run yesterday and me finding out my limits. When it comes to distance I’m able to walk.

Symptom management having PPMS/RRMS/SPMS – exercise/workout

How to manage your PPMS/RRMS/SPMS symptoms I cannot help it, but I can not stop thinking of the Madagascar movie when I think of my task for not getting worse. But I have read several articles about MS and treatments and it is actually true. You can prevent your PPMS/RRMS/SPMS from getting worse by doing […]