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The psychological effect on you and your family – is “the road to hell”?

Can’t help having Chris Rea singing repeatingly his “this is the road to hell” in my head. I do hope that the road leads to a hot place, since I’m addicted to the warmth, but I would prefer a beach and not hell…

Psychological illness due to the diseases affect on you and/or your family

I just want to say that I’m sorry for this long time without any helpful posts but me and my family are having a tough period now. Hopefully this period can lead to a post where I write about the psychological affects your MS or other chronical disease can lead to. This to prevent you from fall so far down in the hole as I have. Most people would probably say that I’ve been in the bottom of the hole, but life has thrown me so many curved balls that I do not dare to hope that the worst is over.

Ask for help

My advice to you is to ask for help in time when you’re feeling down. Don’t be afraid to tell them if you feel that taking your life is an alternative! I wish I had. I wish I had listen to the little voice in me whispering that the world would be a better place without me. Whispering that it would be better for my husband and kids without me, since there are so many things they need to adapt to because of me.

If I had told my contact in the psychiatric sphere how I really felt I would probably not be where me and my family are right now. And this is the reason to why I have to focus on other things right now. I will try to post shorter “posts” on my Instagram and your welcome to follow me there. I’ll try to write there about my coping strategies (which are very basic and few right now because of me about to becoming depressed). My best strategy is to see my friends even if I really have none energy. I need to see other persons than my family. It sounds harsh but consider that I’ve been bound to our house for several weeks now. I haven’t been able to drive because of  thrombosises in my left leg so if I’ve had to go anywhere I have had to wait until my husbands working day is over so he could drive me.


I’ve been isolated and for a social person like me, it leads to depression.

This is a very short version of what has happened but I hope to be able to tell you the long version in the future. Please take care of yourselves!!! Learn of my lesson. Ask for help. There are many different places you can call and talk with someone if you need to. I’m sorry that I don’t have the strength to look up any links and numbers to pass forward to you. But I know that the podcasts and

have some recommendations for you in the USA. If you live in Sweden call 1177 and tell them your problem so they can guide you to the closes help for you. If you have any questions for me contact me true the message function in my instapage or thru messages in FB. The link to FB . My account on insta is CopeByCreate.

Now back to just existing. That is difficult enough right now. Love to you all! Can we fight together?


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